Used to finance various projects including: IT, Vehicles, Machinery and generally tangible assets

This is the traditional method of financing fixed assets for businesses that wish to eventually own the vehicle, machine or equipment.

The finance company buys the asset on behalf of the customer, who then pays an initial deposit.

The remaining balance, plus interest, is then paid over an agreed period, usually between 2 to 5 years. During this period, title to the goods remains with the finance company until all the payments have been made in accordance to the finance agreement.

Early settlement of the HP Agreement is usually permitted if required. Once the final payment is made, full ownership transfers to the customer.

  • Finance for up to 100% of capital cost.
  • VAT paid at outset – deferred facility available.
  • Ownership at end for minimal option to purchase fee.
  • Fixed or variable rate.
  • Structured payments possible eg. seasonal payments, balloon payments etc.
  • Claim capital allowances and interest against tax.