If your business could benefit from improving its cash-flow then invoice finance could be the solution.

More commonly known as factoring and invoice discounting, it releases the cash tied up in your invoices which are not due for payment for 30 days, 60 days or even longer.

Factoring is a disclosed facility which incorporates credit control, debt collection and funding. It can also include bad debt protection.

Invoice Discounting is a funding only solution. Usually confidential, it leaves the credit management to you. This too can include bad debt protection.

Asset Based Lending (ABL)

Simply put, asset-based lending are loans based on assets, generally accounts receivable and inventory that are used as collateral.

Asset-based lending can be a much-needed source of capital for companies that are rapidly growing, highly leveraged, in the midst of a turnaround or undercapitalised. Sometimes a company simply needs that infusion of cash to get over a financial hump or prevent growth from stalling out.

Lendings are especially well-suited for manufacturers, distributors and service companies with a leveraged balance sheet whose seasonal needs and industry cycles often hamper their cash flow. Asset-based loans can also be used to finance acquisitions

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