Did you know? The first coin operated gaming devices were invented in the 1880’s. These early machines were based around the game of poker. The forerunner of modern 5-reel slot machines was developed by Sittman and Pitt in 1891 in Brooklyn, New York. These nickel operated machines had no direct payout systems so winning spins were rewarded with a prize, such as a cigar or beer, from the bartender.

Charles Fey “The Father of Slots” can be credited with popularising the game. Starting in 1894 with the invention of the one armed bandit and progressing to the Liberty Bell in 1898 these machines displayed the familiar 3 spinning reels and featured automatic cash payouts.

Nearly 120 years on amusement with prizes machines have changed dramatically, with embedded features and interactive play, but the need to provide customers with an engaging experience is as important as ever.

We do not have the skill to ensure injection rates are optimised nor the artist creativity to produce titles such as “Live and Let Pie” or The “Deal or No Deal” series but we do understand business finance. Whether purchasing new gaming machines, upgrading sites to TITO, investing in business IT including software, services and support, property refurbishment; in fact any purchase. If you are looking for working capital or a way to accelerate cash into your business we can help too.

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