Tax payments? They’re the Pitts…

Did you know? The widely accepted inception date of modern income tax is 1799. Introduced into Great Britain by the Prime Minister at the time, William Pitt the Younger, to fund weapons and equipment for the French Revolutionary War. A progressive tax, the levy began at 2 old pence in the pound (0.833%) on incomes over £60 up to a maximum of 2 shillings in the pound (10%) on income of £200.

Income tax was abolished and re-introduced through-out the 1800’s, at one stage records were publicly burned by the Chancellor of the Exchequer. It was in 1842 that Sir Robert Peel introduced the Income Tax Act to fund a growing budget deficit; it was originally intended as a temporary measure but has remained a fixture of the British tax system ever since.

We have no way of repealing the Income Tax Act and doubt burning the records would help… but we can assist with spreading the payments of your tax liabilities. Whether it be January/July tax bill, Corporation tax, VAT or other short term lending requirements we have the expertise to arrange a facility that can spread the cost at market leading rates.

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