Babylonian Code of Hammurabi

The first recorded reference to insurance dates from c.1760BC in the Babylonian Code of Hammurabi. The giant stele, which now resides in The Louvre, Paris, details a collection of 282 personal and commercial laws

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The Ultimate Easter Egg?

Did you know? The World’s most expensive egg is The Third Imperial Egg created by the famous Peter Carl Faberge in 1887.

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FCA Authorised & Regulated

We are delighted to confirm we are now authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.

We are now able to assist our customers with regulated agreements.

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Ferraris, Fit Outs and Finance Clinics

Claratus Commercial Finance has completed its first six months of trading! Although incorporated in November we officially launched in February 2015.

We set up with the aim of simplifying the world of business finance and…

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Late Payments

Commissioner to target late payments

BBC: Small business commissioner to target late payments The BBC recently posted an article – ‘Small business commissioner to target late payments‘ which many of you may have seen. Managing working capital is important for all businesses and particularly so for SMEs. The potential game-changing nature to small firms of winning […]

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